Be One Day Better

Make informed choices for your body by reconnecting to your core health.


Why Join the Betterbox

Betterbox is a personal, guided health education program designed to increase the understanding of your body. We provide measurable experiences that allow you to become an active participant in your health.

Create a baseline for filtering information

Get back in touch with your healthy self through multiple easily accessible monthly experiences that will educate you on the internal and external influences of your body.

Track to inform future impacts

Make your health measurable using our simple tools to quickly capture and report key indicators giving you the insight needed to make positive changes.

Filter from analytics and newly gained confidence

Manage your health from an informed view to prevent, communicate, and find support for emerging issues and symptoms.

Become an Active Participant in Your Health Today

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How it Works


We filter through the clutter of healthcare to break the cycle of information overload.


We build a comprehensive multi-month progressive plan to increase your knowledge of your health and wellness.


The program is delivered through a series of products, experiences, and resources right to your door.

The Betterbox Program

Betterbox is built around seven foundational components of health. You will gain an in-depth understanding of each component and the impact it can have on your wellbeing by completing a series of readings and action-based regimens focused on one topic each month. The knowledge and experience gained in one month builds upon the next, providing you a step-by-step path to becoming one day better.

Monthly Betterbox topics

  • 1

    PH and Acidity

  • 2

    Cleanse and Hydration

  • 3

    Gut Health

  • 4

    Nutrition and Deficiency

  • 5

    Detoxification and Heavy Metals

  • 6


  • 7


What's Included In the Betterbox?

You will receive a Betterbox once a month for 7 months based on a specific topic pertaining to your health. Each Betterbox will contain:

  • Sample Products

    Products specifically chosen on the monthly topic to experience and better understand their impact on your body.

  • Instructional Workbook

    An interactive manual that provides a structured framework for the program and simplifies the complicated subject of healthcare.

  • Regimens and Routines

    Weekly action-based plans designed to put your newly acquired knowledge into practice in a measurable way.

  • Tracking Tool

    A simple tool to quickly capture and report measurements throughout the process. Results will be collected through text and email.

About Crowdcuring

Crowdcuring is an organization who has made it our mission to change the vocabulary and literacy of medicine for the average American. We are building tools and platforms to help people get reaquainted with their core health so they are more informed and more confident in the dialogue of health.

Every Day We Make Choices. Make the Choice to Become One Day Better.

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