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Illness does not care about socioeconomics. Once we’re sick, only symptom resolution matters. is a private and secure platform, where we can help each other with our struggles and symptoms. The Betterbox is a multi-month wellness protocol built to educate and empower people around their health. The Betterbook follows Owner and Founder, JP Davitt, on his journey to overcome chronic illness.

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Why Join Crowdcuring?

Crowdcuring is an online community where people communicate and share experiences and ideas about life-altering diseases, symptoms, or health changes they can’t explain.

An open, collaborative support network, free of judgment.

By open, we mean members are “willing to share and listen.” Our secure platform enables trusted peers to ask questions of the community and get real responses from real people.

An authentic network of people looking for allies on their journey to wellness.

Social networks and forums allow us to find and connect to others with similar experiences, regardless of distance. We believe this is both fundamental to recovery and encourages people to connect directly out of our platform.

Activity and participation on the network to grow the health literacy dialogue.

Today’s medical culture doesn't foster or encourage dialogue between people. From private health records to the taboos of discussing health in mixed company, we’ve grown to fear our on physiology. Crowdcuring exists to make health social.

Let’s start Crowdcuring together!

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Be Better Today

At, users are able to chart and share information through our platform. Many wellness programs ask us to fill out large questionnaires annually. We’ve found it’s more effective to answer small, repeated sets of questions daily. Our free platform graphs and tracks these daily interactions to help us make better informed decisions, by leveraging computers and mobile devices to break down the barriers between people and the services or opportunities they need to succeed.

  • 1

    Symptom Matching

  • 2

    Discuss in an open, safe forum

  • 3

    Record your symptoms

  • 4

    Track your progress

Key Features

At, public interactions happen inside the comfort of our member base. The platform not only allows us to share our experiences and learn from one another, but it also charts correlations for days, weeks, and months. As patients, we can print out these charts and symptoms. Sharing these with our doctors can increase the success of our appointments by providing better use of the short time we have at each visit.

  • Symptom Matching

    Our algorithm pairs people to people based on symptoms and specified filters.

  • Open, Safe Discussion

    Interact with matches and mentors to learn and resolve your symptoms.

  • Symptom Tracking

    Record and track your symptoms from start to resolution.

  • Daily Recording of Key Indicators

    Track daily to find correlations between your baselines and your actions.

About Crowdcuring

Crowdcuring offers hope to the millions of people suffering from chronic illness and symptoms. We provide a free, easy-to-use online platform to help people track and chart daily to gain a better understanding of their health and how behaviors, choices and lifestyles have an impact on health. We also provide a platform for people to share experiences and best practices with others to help us all live one day better each and every day.

Make the Choice to Become One Day Better.

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